Going Local

Alan and I have lived in Midtown Atlanta through 3 winters.  Every year I say, I want to go ice skating at the park and every year the rink goes up and comes down without me setting foot on it.  We run by the rink in Centennial Park almost weekly and I love seeing everyone skating and all the beautiful Christmas decorations that fill the park. I talk to people who live outside the city and make the drive just to ice skate, yet for some reason it just always seems out of the way for us.  So, when I saw that a rink was going up in Piedmont Park this year, I knew we no longer had an excuse to miss out on the winter fun. And I finally decided what to do for #26 on my 30 Things by Thirty list.

During our time off between Christmas and New Year we made good on the desire to participate in the local attraction and we hit "The Rink" during adult skate one night.  "The Rink" is the name of the rink at Piedmont Park, attached to Park Tavern.  Adult skate is the best invention ever and let us skate without anyone shorter than me to trip over!  Plus by 11 pm The Rink is like a nightclub on ice. 

We started out a little unsure of the whole thing but by the end Alan was skating on one skate in the turns and we managed to get out of there without either one of us falling. 

I even took the opportunity to try a Frozen Hot Chocolate (Alan stuck with an adult beverage!)

So glad we finally took the time to go ice skating, it was more fun than I even expected!


Wifey said...

How fun! I've been wanting to do that! I think apart of me hasn't made it out of fear - gasp!

Winks & Smiles,

Valerie said...

Hi Wifey!

You should give it a try. They are open through February!

Then you have to let us know how it goes!!