Compromise in a bowl  (and new recipe #2 for December)

We've had a cold beginning to the winter here in Atlanta, I mean snow on Christmas, who would have thought!  So when it comes to cooking dinner I've been craving warm-you-up type of meals.  And to me that means soups and stews.  There's only one problem with that, Alan doesn't like soup!  He says that unless it's extremely thick and hearty it doesn't count as a meal.  So, when I'm craving homemade potato soup, that's a problem.

I have my mom's recipe for potato soup that I absolutely love however I knew it wasn't "hearty" enough to count as dinner for Alan, so I started searching for a new recipe (which also gave me material for a new recipe in December for my 30 Things by Thirty list).

I ended up making Ham and Potato soup.  It was delicious, not to time intensive and met "meal" standards by Alan.

Go here for the recipe, next time you're craving a warm-me-up dinner!

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