Divine Intervention

By now you probably all know that we are in the process of selling our loft in Atlanta.  If you don't know I obviously have missed some form of promotion and need to figure out what target you are and how to reach you!  Anyway, we've done everything we can think of on our end to move along the sale of our unit, however nothing seems to be doing the trick right now and so we continue on with our efforts.  We also continue to give the same answers to everyone who asks about how long it's been on the market, how many times we've lowered the price and how many showings (or lack of showings) we have had and apparently, even Santa is tired of overhearing this story. 

On Christmas Day Alan's stocking held this little guy
It's a statue of St. Joseph, yes the same Joseph that was the husband of Mary and the "foster" father of Jesus.  Evidentally he is considered the Patron of a Happy Home, knew all about selling and buying homes.  He protected and provided for Mary and Jesus and now he is going to help us sell our home! 

He comes with a full set of instructions
Which include asking St. Joseph to intercede in the selling of your home, burying St. Joseph (upside down so his feet are towards the heavens) on your property (and yes there is an option for us non-yard owning condo dwellers!) and then sitting back and letting him go to town. And yes, there is a prayer that goes with the process.

Let me tell you, we followed all of the instructions, every little detail.  We aren't taking any chances on missing out on St. Joseph's abilities, we'll take all the help we can get in this market!

So, if you happen to visit and you see feet sticking out of a flower pot, no we didn't bury an action figure, it's St.  Joseph.  And don't worry, once we sell we will be uncovering him and bringing hime to our new home with us  so we can put him in a place of honor and remember to thank God for helping us. What? It's part of the instructions!

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