December Restaurant

Alan and I had quite a bit of time off over the holidays.  Mostly we traveled for Christmas and New Year's, went out with friends and caught up on "veg out" time.  We also took advantage of the free time to do things like try new restaurants for lunch, something we normally don't have time for. It also filled the slot for the December new restaurant from my 30 Things by Thirty list!  One of the spots we visited was Pure Taqueria in Inman Park.

Everything about the place was great!  The decor is a retro look with multi-colored tiled walls, old metal bar-stools and chairs just like the ones from your elementary school.  The staff is great and very friendly, all of them wearing Chuck Taylors (we wondered if it was mandatory or coincidence).  And the food is delish!  We started with chips and salsa and then each tried one of the three taco plates.  Everything was gone in a flash, we couldn't help ourselves!  Next time you're in Inman Park stop in Pure, you'll love it!

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