An unexpected gift

Last month I marked another thing off my 30 things by Thirty list but I had to wait until now to share it!  I completed #21. Make a gift for someone - unexpectedly.

First I had to figure out who I wanted to make a gift for, then I had to decide what I was going to make, and then I had to get up the courage to conquer it!

I chose my friend Brook, she's been supportive of my list since I started and her Birthday was in September, so it was a no brainer.  Then I tried to figure out what she might like or even something she might use.  Brook loves yoga and takes classes weekly, so once I found a pattern for a yoga mat carrier, I knew that was what I wanted to make.

So, I chose a fabric that reminded me of Brook, soothing, interesting and pretty.  Then I laid it out and cut the pieces - see below.

I started sewing all the pieces together and everything went pretty smoothly until I realized I had to sew on a round bottom.  It was interesting but a few pleats here and there and it came out pretty well.

And before I knew it I was done!  Here you can see what the final product looked like.

Then I packaged it up and sent it to Brook.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out and hope Brook likes it, maybe even uses it!
Now I am ready to conquer the next sewing challenge!

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