The secret is out

I've always been proud of a very small, insignificant skill I have, folding a fitted sheet. People are always surprised that I can fold these into neat sized squares and not roll them in a ball or stuff them in a closet in some awkward shape.  Until I moved out of my parent's house I never realized it was something that not everyone knew how to do and I found out that my mom had passed on a lost art.

Well Martha is bringing it back! Click on the picture below and follow the tutorial and before you know it you'll be folding like a pro! (that is if you actually care about things like your sheets folding into neat little stacks, you know us OCD folks).


Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} said...

Hi- I'm a new visitor : ) Did you see Martha on the Oprah show this week? She demonstrated how to fold a sheet on the show. It was fabulous- Oprah + Martha= good hour of TV.

Valerie said...

Thanks Melanie! Welcome! No I didn't see that episode but will have to check it out. You are right Martha + Oprah, must watch!