September Restaurant

 Continuing on with my 30 things by Thirty list I have the September report for #29.  While in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, Alan and I took every opportunity to indulge in the amazing array of ethnic food the city is blessed with.  While everythin was good and I ate way too much, one place really stuck out, a place called Hong Kong Clay Pot
Yes, it's hidden at the top of the stairs and yes, you don't know what you will find until you get to the top and turn the corner, but it was worth the chance. When we did enter the restaurant we quickly realized that we were the only table of all non-Chinese in the place and that made us smile. 

(well it looks like Alan was done smiling at this point)

 From the menu to the service to the food, we were quickly whisked back into Bejing and we loved every minute of it.  We had the Chicken and Tofu Clay Pot, Kung Pao Chicken, some steamed rice, green tea and Tsingtao's. Everything was delicious and our only regret was that we couldn't finish it all. 

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