Totally tubular!

Last week I crossed another item off my 30 Things by Thirty list - #16. Learn how to change a tube on a bike tire. I figured that since we were about to do a Triathlon with the longest bike portion we've attempted which meant I would spend more time on out on the course and more miles mean more opportunities for a flat!  So, it was high time I learned how to prevent a flat disaster!

Turns out its not that hard!

All you need are these two pieces:

You use the tire levers to undo one side of the tire, let all the air out from the tube valve, pull the flat tube out, arrange the new tube around the frame and under the tire and then put the tire back into place on the frame!  Then you just add the air with a pump or CO2 cartridge and you're good to go.  Hopefully it's as easy as I remember it but hopefully I'll never need to remember!

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