Yes, I admit, I am a scrapbooker (is that even a word?).  It all started when I was in highschoool.  Every year on Alan and my dating anniversary I would make a book that had a page representing each month of the year and the dates we went on each month.  From there I went to making books for trips we took, or at least that was the goal.  I did well at first, I mean I go the first one done within a year of going on the trip.  However after that I started to slack off, but always keeping good intentions. Honestly our trips are usually around 2 weeks and we never come home with fewer than 1000 photos, so just sorting and printing the photos is a daunting task.  So, I put these books as an item on my 30 Things by Thirty list and slowly I am working my way from trip to trip.  Lots of people ask me how I go about making these books, so I thought I would share my process. 

First, everything I save from a trip goes in one of these types of envelopes.  Everything from hotel room keys to maps to menus, tickets, etc.  This way everything stays seperated by trip and I don't wind up with a menu from Germany and a map of Tokyo in the same place!

Then once I order the photos they stay in their envelope and get marked with the country or trip they are from.  Then they go in the envelope above.

I use post bound fabric covered scrapbooks with front middle cut outs.  I like the way these look as you add to your collection and they hold up nicely.  Plus they come in every color!

And I always use extra inserts for my books!
I keep it pretty basic when it comes to supplies.  I have to have a paper cutter, I'm a stickler for straight clean edges!  Then I use various colors and widths of Sharpies, a small pair of scissors and roll on tape.
And of course, my extensive collection of paper.  Here is a sampling, mainly of the solid colors but I have every type of pattern you can imagine!

There are tons of great accessories when it comes to what to put inside your scrapbook, it's amazing!  However I'm not much for the cut-outs and stickers, honestly I think they take up too much room! So I pretty much stick to quotes or words that have meaning in relationship to the place or picture.

Then I accessorize with all the things out of my envelope!  Tickets and brochures make great explanations for pictures and sometimes even a map can make a great background.  Then everything in your book has meaning!

I start out by grouping the pictures and putting them in order, usualy the order we traveled in.  Then I seperate all the misc items from my envelope and group them by type of item or by city.  Then I buckle down and get started. 

It's a long process but it's worth it in the end. Traveling is a love Alan and I share, so I love the thought of being able to pick up a book or go back to anyone of our adventures.

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