Leaving Chiang Mai

On our last day in Chiang Mai we didn't even go into the city of Chiang Mai, instead we spent our time taking in Bo Sang.  We visited the local shops and went for a bike ride through the residential part of  town.  It was fun to watch the shock on the faces of the locals as they saw us riding by.  Nevertheless they smiled and waived to us like any other neighbor passing by.  A few even tried to help, telling us we were going the wrong way.  What they didn't know was we were headed just the way we wanted to go, soaking up everything about Bo Sang we possibly could.

Before we knew it we were at the Chiang Mai airport and on our way to Koh Sumai.  I've never been so sad to leave a place.  Usually I'm excited to head on to the next location during our trips, but I felt a connection in Bo Sang and beyond sad to have to say goodbye.

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