Heaven on Earth

Our second stop in Thailand was an island called Koh Sumai.  We rented a car and drove from the airport to the south west corner of the island and up to the top of a mountain.  And that is where we found heaven on earth.

We pulled the car up to the check-in desk and from there we never lifted a finger. From tea and a cool rag to our car and bags disappearing, we were taken care of by the amazing staff at the Conrad Koh Sumai.  It was amazing.

They took us by golf cart to our bungalow and just when we thought it couldn't get any better...

We got to see just how amazing this place was.

 All of the bungalows are built on stilts on the side of the mountain, so from every place in your bungalow you see nothing but miles of ocean and the five islands.

So, most of our days were spent here

 or here

or here. 

But eventually we got our car and left the mountain top to explore the rest of the island.
We drove around the entire island and ventured to the interior sections to see different waterfalls and attractions, but eventually we ended up at a small locals beach (no clue what the name is) and it quickly became the only place we cared to be when not on the mountain.

We saw lots of longboats

 Did lots of exploring

 Ate delicious food at every hut we could find

 Even visited the local market, to see what they were cooking for lunch

 And did a lot of people watching.

The children played on the parked long boats, like their own amusement park.

 While the adults dug for cockles and of course Alan had to join them.

But all of our evenings were spent back at our bungalow, enjoying the amazing sunset.

 And our own private happy hour.

Our last day we struggled to check out and say goodbye.  I mean how do you leave a place this beautiful?

And we did a little more exploring, 

and for us that always means finding interesting places to eat and drink.

We barely made it to the airport in time for our flight.  

And we were on our way to Bangkok.

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