31 Things by Thirty One

Here we go.  My list for this year.  Let's see how this one goes!

1. Spend a day in the park relaxing.
2. Visit the Atlanta Botanical Garden.
3. Make headway in my French lessons (get to where I can practice speaking with coworkers)
4. Eat at a restaurant, once a month, that I have never eaten at before.
5. Cook a new recipe, twice a month.
6. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours. (I've got 12 minutes to cut off! Yikes)
7.  Become an "Iron Girl"!
8.  Buy a lottery ticket every month. (what? you can't win if you don't play, plus it supports our schools!)
9.  Relearn how to knit.
10. Start a "race" photo album.
11. Sell our place and move. (fingers crossed everybody!)
12. Read 6 books.
13. Find a cause to volunteer for.
14. Go hiking.
15. Visit a country I haven't been to before.
16. Learn how to use our camera.
17. Really learn how to use Photoshop.
18. Make a piece of clothing I will actually wear.
19. Attend a festival I haven't been to before.
20. Have more girlfriend dates.
21. Take a class on something that I'm interested in learning about.

22. Learn how to make Creme Brulee (it's the best gluten free dessert out there!)
23. Attend more local events.
24. Visit the spa more.
25. Fix all the items in the "mending pile"
26. Close my business and consider opening a new one.
27. Send more surprise gifts to family and friends.
28. Find a church we like.
29. Take advantage of the cultural opportunities in Midtown (High Museum, theaters, symphony, etc)
30. Learn how to use the zipper foot on my sewing machine. (the only thing on the sewing machine that frightens me)

31. Have a wedding album made that we actually like.

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Christine:) said...

Hi Valerie,
This is such a fun post...and I totally want to learn Photoshop (*really learn it, not just auto correct everything;) as well.

Please stop by my site for wedding album info! I have a few of my pages of my own posted.

I found you through Crafterminds...I wanted to contact you about a guest post swap. I'm doing a monthly blog hop series and am looking for guest posts related to the following themes. As I have a scrapbooking blog, all posts must be scrapbooking or paper craft-related.

March- baby albums
April- a year in review
May- album about YOU- heritage, life stories, etc.
June- weddings
July- Christmas in July (this can be any craft, not limited to scrapbooking:)

A month-long blog hop incorporating the monthly theme will also be available to link up your projects.

Please contact me if you are interested in doing a guest post and/or swap. Thanks!