Introducing Photo Friday

So, now that I am blogging more I find myself reading more blogs. One thing I have noticed is that the more committed I become to reading blogs is that by Friday I skim alot more than on other days. I guess my brain is just overloaded with words and starts to look for picutres.  And, since I am trying to keep up with my "list item" from last year of taking more everyday pictures, I need something to do with them.  So... I came up with an idea - Photo Friday.  From now on friday's are going to be about pictures around here.  Hopefully one I have taken during the week, sometimes probably just one I've seen and want to pass along.

Here's one to get us started:

This has been a week of beautiful warm weather here in Atlanta and after the winter we've had we couldn't appreciate it more! Best part is that  it's expected to continue through the weekend. 
We're planning to soak up as much of it as possible this weekend!

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