My first Rib

As you probably already read, we spent this part of this past weekend in Memphis, TN.  I haven't been to Memphis since I was a around 12, so it was like seeing the city for the first time.  It was also the perfect opportunity to mark #29 (Once a month, eat at at a restaurant I've never eaten at before.) off my 30 Things by Thirty list, for the month of November.

Friday night we went to downtown Memphis and straight for the lengendary Rendezvous.  You can smell the restaurant as you turn the corner and that's where the experience begins.  The place was packed, evidentally it usually is, but seeing as we were a group of 7 we got in quickly for one of the large tables. The walls are covered with all types of memorabilia and the wait staff wear black and white with black bowties.  Everything is served on paper plates and with plastic utensils, not the most "green" practice but definitely adds character. 
Here's a little info about the restaurant from their website
In 1948, Charlie Vergos cleaned out a basement below his diner, discovered a coal chute, and started a legend. The coal chute gave him a vent for his considerable talent over a grill, and allowed him to expand from ham-and-cheese sandwiches to ribs.Today, several thousand people on an average Saturday night pour into our basement and sink their teeth into a slab of what makes Memphis, well, Memphis. Presidents and potentates, the King and the Killer, Rolling Stones, *NSYNC, and everybody who’s anybody have all been down for a bite. We’re all about ribs, but our menu is as varied and interesting as the wide array of incredible stuff that adorns our walls and ceilings.Charlie’s kids run things now, and their kids are coming along, and their kids will follow. You see, ribs, restaurants in basements and Greek hospitality are Vergos things. And that’s a good thing. By the way, we still make a mean ham-and-cheese sandwich too.

We tried the cheese plate, the barbeque nachos (never heard of this before but delish!) and of course the ribs!

Here's what the rib plate looks like.  Each with a side of beans and cole slaw.
(yes, that is what's in the small bowls)

Not being a big meat eater I've never had ribs before, so I figured this was the best time to end that draught!  I have to say, I didn't know what I was missing!  These were delish!  I could have eaten a ton of them!  However, I doubt all ribs are as good as Rendezvous, so I guess I'll have to go back to Memphis if I get a craving for good ribs!

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