Black Friday Preparation

Have you seen the Target commercial with the lady in red "training" for Black Friday?  It's a little disturbing but I love it.  Maybe that's because I love Black Friday.  Lots of people plan and "train" for this day for weeks.  They get most, if not all their shopping done on this day and take advantage of every deal out there.  I'm a little different, I go for the excitement. See, I don't like to do anything Christmas related until Thanksgiving passes. I like to celebrate each holiday on its own, I know, it's weird.  So, Black Friday is officially the start of Christmas for me.  It's when we put up our tree, start listening to Christmas music and all the festivities start to take place.  So, while some people dread the long lines, crowded stores and never ending parking lot hikes, I love it!

In case you plan to head out and take part in the annual event, here are a few sites that will help you plan your day and score some deals!

And my personal favorite: -
this is literally a forum for everyone to share and compare what they are finding!

So, if you plan to take part in the annual "day of shopping" good luck and have fun!  I'll be out there somewhere in the sea of shoppers.  Most likely I will be the one with very few purchases but a big smile, shouldn't be hard to miss!

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