Spring cleaning time!  Oh wait, it's fall?

So what can I say, I admit it, I'm a neat freak! 

I have all the symptoms:
1. I HATE clutter
2. everything I own has a place and when not in use should be in it's place
3. I am constantly "tidying" up
4. I swoon over places like the Container Store
5. I live by my to-do list and my calendar (oh wait, this may be a symptom of some other condition)

Anyway recently I've gotten into a cleaning spree, really more of a cleaning-out spree!  Nothing is safe!  I started with the refrigerator and then hit the freezer, then it was on to the pantry!  It's sad how much I threw out due to expiration dates, etc, I need to keep a better eye on those!  Next it's on to the closet - it's on my 30 Things by Thirty list, so I guess now is as good a time as any to mark it off. 

Throughout all the digging and putting back together I have been thankful to have well organized areas, it makes the "put back together" part much easier.  Hopefully the same will ring true in my closet!

Recently I found a great site that has everything you need for creating a more organized life, home, schedule, etc.  Simple Organized Living is run by Andrea, a professional organizer (aka women after my own heart!) and she is all about clearing clutter!  Every kind of clutter!  Check out her site and join me in spring, I mean fall cleaning!

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