New restaurant try for August

#29 on my 30 things by Thirty list is to eat at at a restaurant I've never eaten at before, once a month.  While in NYC last month I tried lots of new restaurants and they were all great but this was the only one I visited multiple times and couldn't get enough of!  It's called PUMP and they don't just serve food, they serve energy food. Their concept is that you shouldn't have to ponder a menu to find something healthy, everything on the menu should be healthy! Their concept includes food pairings equaling a healthy combination and fixings that are prepared fresh (nothing processed here!) and without unnecessary oils and fats. You pick your base of a salad, brown rice or whole grain wrap, then you choose protein, chicken, turkey, tofu or bison.  Next you choose your nutrients which include a variety of vegetables and legumes and last you choose your healthy fats, guacamole, skim milk cheese or hummus. You can then add a sauce or topping.  All together they make a delicious and healthy meal.  Of course I also had to try their cookies which are made of oatmeal, fruits, nuts and different healthy goodies mixed in.  They also serve energy shakes and various breakfast items but I didn't get to try those.  I hope PUMP catches on and to eventually see them bring energy food to ATL!

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