Movie Night

Only 3 days into my "30 things list" and I'm marking off my first completion:
#22.Watch 1 of the "classic" movies Alan is appalled that I haven't seen.

Being sick for the past week meant that Saturday was a convenient movie night and a good time to take a stab at this item on my list.  Alan chose Schindler's List, a movie he has been wanting me to see for a while now.  Last year we visited Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg, Germany and learned more than we could have imagined about the Holocaust and WWII.
The film was long and sometimes hard to understand due to the muddled German accents but I am so glad I got to see it.  It was amazing how in-line the film was with everything we learned last year and how certain scenery took us back to our visit at Sachsenhausen.  I thought it was a great film and a so well done depsite the emotionally grueling topic.  I'm really glad Alan picked this film, I guess I should trust his movie choices more often!

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Andy said...

Take a hint from someone who enjoys movies with accents (and also suffers from mild hearing loss due to being in a band): use the subtitles. :) It's a great, disturbing, moving, and powerful movie.