The latest adventures of Alan and Val

Saturday was a day for the record books!
We left home around 11:00 am and headed to get some lunch.
Next was a stop at the Dekalb farmers market in Decatur.
We had heard about the market through friends but hadn't had the time to head out there yet.
We new it would be a long trip but the weather was beautiful and we were up for an adventure.
Boy were we right. It was a grueling ride with lots of hills and too many cars!
We made a priceless find of a huge antique market along our way that provide for a little break and some great ideas.
We finally reached the market and realized it was not your typical farmers market!
As the very first private farmers market of its kind in Georgia, what started out as a small 7,500 sq. ft. produce stand has grown into 140,000 sq. ft. true world market serving up to 100,000 people per week.
It was an absolutely amazing place and a true epicureans dream. There are foods from all over the world and the prices are unbelievable!
We picked up peaches, cucumbers, green beans, fresh ground coffee, some couscous and tomatoes.
As we packed up to head home we noticed that the sky was dark and shortly after pulling out we felt the sprinkles.
The ride home was a bit easier but longer thanks to a different route and the rain caught up with us a couple of times but was a welcomed cool off!
A stop at Whole Foods gave us one last break before hitting the hills back to Midtown.
Once home (around 5pm) we realized we had ridden 22 miles. So we hit the showers, cooked up our purchases and enjoyed a delicious dinner.
What a great day and a great adventure.
Now the question is, what will we do tomorrow?

Here is a visual of our day:

Green line = outgoing route
Blue line = return route
House = our home
utensils = lunch stop
basket = antique store
shopping bag = market
green thumbtack = whole foods

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