Friday night started off polite

Friday night we rode with a group called Courteous Mass. They have spun off from the Critical Mass group we ride with the last Friday of every month. This group is smaller and is more "courteous" to vehicles during their ride. A friend of ours meet us at our place and we headed downtown to Woodruff park. Once the group gathered we took off down Peachtree and then down Ponce. We were riding along, stopping at all stop lights when Alan (riding his fixed gear) hit a busted section of road and then a curb and blew both tires. Needless to say, that was the end of our ride! The three of us walked our bikes back to Midtown and met up with friends for a night out at
Moe's and Joe's in the Highlands. After some great food and too many picthers we got a ride back to our place and carried in Alan's "broken legs". Guess we will be visiting the bike shop this weekend!

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