A morning at the park

We typically blog about the afternoons or evenings we spent in the park, this weekend is a "Little" different! Andy, Steph, Maya and Devin came to Midtown this morning and met us at the park. We spent the morning riding bikes, showing them the different areas of the park and playing on the awesome playground. After a full morning we headed to Willy's for a great lunch, where we got to see how much the kids love salsa and how Devin thinks a chip is a spoon for salsa and queso. Next we went to one of the large flat green fields and ran off all the energy we had left while throwing around a football and Frisbee. Everyone was hot and tired by the time the Little's had to head home for naps. It was a great morning and we hope they'll come back and do it again.
Check out pics from the playground.
Click on the pictures to see them all.

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