Lots of miles, lots of stops

We started out at 10 am to head to breakfast and to pick up a few things at Lowes.
Heading out from Midtown we went through the Highlands, and into Little Five Points, then to Edgewood. Breakfast at Caribou lead to shopping at Best Buy, Lowes, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond and a few speciality home furnishing stores. Next we rode through Candler Park, a neighborhood we had never visited. Then back through the Highlands and stopped at Urban Outfitters before we got back to Midtown and made a stop at Trader Joes. After getting a little work done at home and finding out we needed a few more things we headed back out, first to Home Depot and then to Whole Foods. It was a great day, we had tons of fun and wore out our legs. We can't believe how much easier it is to get around and stop in everywhere you want to when you don't have to deal with a car. In all it was 15 miles of city riding, which will keep you on your toes!

Check out the map for a visual of where we rode.

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Blue = 1st outgoing route
Red = 1st return route
Green = 2nd outgoing and return route

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Andy said...

You're going to need a trailer to start doing your shopping@