Big Time!

A friend of the Fisher family and a long time co-worker of my dad has a blog that I have followed for years. I think he was the first person I ever knew to have a blog and partially where my interest in blogging came from. His site has had several different formats since it’s beginning nearly five years ago. During that time, he has published news about family members, interesting and sometimes off-beat things found on the web, some tech news and tips, music and book reviews, and an occasional GTD (Getting Things Done) post. One thing has stayed consistant over the years though, much of the content has been about photography and his love of taking pictures. Recently the site movee closer to being primarily a photoblog. Sometimes there will be a story to tell with the photo, other times the image itself will be the reason for post. He occassionally has a theme for the photos he posts in a given period of time and asks his readers to take photos or send one's they may have taken previously and send them in.
This month his theme is "going green". A phrase we are most likely to hear in efforts to create a culture of environmental responsibility and photos reflecting that idea would be appropriate for this theme. But he also thought that it might be more interesting to see how you might capture the color "green" in your photos. How might you use "green" to create a sense of freshness, spring, weirdness or whatever.
Having visited the site for so long and seeing the pictures people have sent in since he changed his format, I decided to submit one of my favorite photo's, one that immediately came to mind when I heard about this theme. So now, my picture is displayed on his blog. Check it out, not just to see my pic (it may be down by now) but to find another great blog to add to your collection!

**some of the descriptions above were borrowed from

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Valerie: Thanks for the photo and the mention of cstreet.