My first video game

For those who haven't heard, I purchased my first video game a few weeks ago. (Well, actually I pre-ordered it a month before it came out but we won't get in to how geeky that sounds!) Now before you start with how Alan is rubbing off on me, I have to tell you the game is Wii Fit. See, my boss gave me a Best Buy gift card for Christmas and since I HATE that store, I figured this would be the only thing I would ever be interested in from there!
We have now had the game for a little over two weeks and it is increasingly becoming part of our daily routine. Wii Fit takes the whole concept of games as exercise to a new level by including a balance board peripheral that can tell you on the fly exactly how well--or how poorly--you're doing with its various activities. It's full of activities that are divided into 4 categories: strength, aerobics, balance and yoga. Each category has activities for that type of exercise and as you do more of them you unlock others. While activities in the balance section are similar to what you would expect after playing Wii Sports, the activities in yoga and strength training are a little more what you would consider exercise. Push-ups, planks, lunges and yoga poses are all measured on how you balance the weight of your body and how well your form is based on timing and weight movement. While the exercises are nothing new or unique, by doing them through Wii Fit you get feedback on how you do them and get challenged to do harder versions or more reps.
If you are someone who regularly exercises then this is by no means a replacement for a workout. What it is, is a good way to get in your weight training and yoga in while being able to track your progress and keep it a little more interesting.
Hey anything that gets people moving a little more and makes exercise more fun, has to be a good thing!

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