Road Trip 2012
part 2

After 5 days in Vegas we were more than ready to hit the road.  Over the weekend we took a road trip from Nevada into Utah and down to Arizona.

We spent a day and a half in Zion National Park. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the country.

We did lots of hiking.

Some of the trails were a little scary.

But worth it to get to beautiful spots.

We also did a little biking.  However after an accident left my tires looking like this:
We stayed off the bikes for a little while.

We absolutely loved Zion National park and will definitely be back one day.

From there we headed in to Arizona and spent a day in Sedona.  The scenery around Sedona is beautiful and the town itself was a lot of fun.  

On this trip I had two things I was dying to see.  One was a tumbleweed and the other was what I call a pitchfork cactus, yes I know that tall cacti are either Cordons or Saguaros.  I was disappointed that I never saw one on our trip out west last year, so I was determined to find one.  Alan kept telling me to just wait, I would see them in Arizona.  However we got all the way to Sedona and still nothing.  However, once we left Sedona and turned around the backside of the mountains, it was pitchfork cactus heaven.  I couldn't believe it, they were everywhere.  I was amazed and couldn't wait to get up close to one!

After Sedona we took a little side trip and headed up to the top of a mountain to find a town named Jerome.  We like to think it's after a Jerome we know, Alan's Grandad.

It's a really cute little town, that seems to be quite popular with traveling bikers.  We stayed just long enough to tour the downtown and get Grandad a namesake t-shirt.

Then we continued on our way.

 Our next stop was Phoenix.  We stayed here for four days.  Alan worked during the day, but in the evenings we took full advantage of the amazing outdoors to do some trail running and biking.

And I got to check out pitchfork cacti up close.

We also took advantage of the great breweries to try out local beer!

And before we knew it, it was time to pack up and start our drive east.

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