Road Trip 2012
Part 1

A couple of weeks after getting back from Thailand we got the whim to drive across the country.  OK, actually Alan had two weeks of travel out west and I didn't have anything I had to be in town for, so at 3pm on Thursday we decided we would make a road trip out of the two weeks.  And, at noon the next day we set out.

Over the first three days we drove from Atlanta to Las Vegas. 

We definitely took our time and stopped along the way.  
We spent a night with the Memphis Reeds in Tennessee and were grateful for some family time.  Then we stopped in Amarillo for a night and visited the Big Texan Steak Ranch, as seen on the TV show Man vs. Food.   The place had lots of character and was definitely the comic relief we needed after a day of driving.

And of course they had a stage where you could take the Man vs. Food challenge.  
We saw several attempt, non conquered!

And we made a stop at the Hoover Dam, before finishing the drive in to Vegas.

Where we woke up to this view the next morning.

And for five days we called Vegas home.

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