A week of Thanksgiving

Last year Alan and I stayed in Atlanta, somewhat boycotting Thanksgiving.  We spent the day with friends who stayed in town as well and we had our own "island of misfit toys" Thanksgiving. So, this year, we did the exact opposite of last year.  We packed up and headed to St. Louis for 6 days of Thanksgiving!  We stayed with my Aunt Amy and Uncle Dean and their 2 girls, Avery and Emery.

The first couple of days it was just the 6 of us and we had a ball!  We decorated their Christmas tree, played board game after board game, the girls introduced me to the world of Charming Charlie's and my uncle introduced Alan into the world that is his home theater.

Monday night my older sister and her 2 kids arrived. The next day brought my grandparents, another aunt and uncle, as well as a cousin and his girlfriend.  The day after that my mom and her boyfriend arrived and the house was full!  Tuesday night we had our first Thanksgiving, also known as the ham thanksgiving dinner. Thursday we had the traditional turkey dinner. The entire week was packed full of playing games, drinking wine, bracelet making, hair braiding, story telling, lots of laughter and tons of delicious home cooked food!

Here are a few of my favorites pics from the week:

Playing board games at 10 am
A little hair-doing assembly line
Annual Gingerbread house
My Grandmother, Mother and Aunt cooking up a storm!

It was great to see everyone and spend a week surrounded by laughter, fun and a little bit of craziness!  Now it's a little too quiet at home!

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