Longer with than without

Last month Alan and I celebrated 15 years of being together.  No, we haven't been married 15 years, we aren't that old, it's the anniversary of when we started dating and yes, we still celebrate that! 

Alan and I dated for 8 years before getting married, so we kind of got use to the anniversary date and it hung on even after we got married.  See, when we started dating we celebrated every month's anniversary, Alan would bring me roses every month on the 23rd, 1 for each month we had been dating.  Even after we hit the 1 year dating mark we kept celebrating the months, I guess you could say we like anniversaries. However after a while I let him off the hook in regards to the roses, a girl only needs so many!

This year our anniversary came 3 days before our 2 week vacation.  Originally we had grand plans for a fancy night out but when we realized it would be our last chance for a night at home for several weeks,
we spent it at home, working out, cooking, packing etc.

During dinner we were talking about the 15 years and Alan told me "soon you will have been with me, longer than you were without."  It sounded funny and kind of hard to believe. But it's true. And I think that makes me pretty lucky!

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