New Recipe for April

So, I know, I missed my new recipe for March.  What can I say?  It was just one of those months!  I will make up for it in April though, I promise!

This new recipe was something Alan tried out, which means I got to be sous chef and photographer all while sipping a "cold beverage", a role I enjoy much more than being the chef!

We were in the mood for something spicy and Alan wanted Indian, so Hot Chile Chicken was the choosen dish.

Lots of ingredients to be chopped, measured, mixed.  They smelled delicous long before it was time to eat!

Hmm, smelled a lot better than it looks!
More measuring, more mixing.

Can't let the chef run out of fuel! (that's part of being the sous chef in our house!)

And finally dinner was served. (yes we eat on our coffee table, despite our dining table being about 5 feet away!)

Not the prettiest meal but absolutely delicious!  It was spicy with a deep flavor I don't usually find in Indian food.  Alan served it with an Indian bean salad (a mix of green beans, corn, kidney beans, red onion, peppers and lots of spices).  I think I swallowed it all whole, it was so good.  We will definitely be adding this to our list of at-home favorites!

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