Busy Weekend - part 1: A speedy run

This past weekend Alan and I were busy, as usual, but this time with separate events. Alan spent the weekend in Charlotte participating in the Amica half marathon.  I know what you're thinking "Alan ran a half marathon, isn't that a typo?", nope it's correct.  See he is in the process of training for the Maimi marathon and has a time goal in mind that would give him a great new PR.  The Amica half marathon was part of this training and also a test to see how "on" his new pace time we was at this point.

Here he is before heading out into the cold of the race morning

And here he is approaching the finish line.

He finished in 1:32:37 and came in 14th out of 252 people in his group.  Not only did he meet his time goal for Miami training, he surpassed it by quite a bit.  Looks like he may need to start preparing himself for a little faster run in Miami than he expected!

I'm so proud of him.  I know how hard he trains and I love it when it pays off for him.  Just wish I could have been there to see him do so well and to run the race (behind him!). Thanks to his parents and my dad for meeting him at the finish line and supplying me with photos of the morning!

Why wasn't I there?  More on that tomorrow!

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