Pattern Time!

Last year I got a sewing machine for Christmas.  I've always loved making things, I mean I'm creative and love creating!  But I've always focused more on things like scrapbooks or crafts that came together with a glue gun.  Last year I started thinking abut all the great things I could make if I had a sewing machine. So I added it to my wishlist.

My mom filled that wish, which was very appropriate considering she is the only "sewer" I know and I was more than excited with all the possibilities.  Now that was last Christmas, it's been almost a year and so far I have used my machine to make a table runner, just a simple one sided hemmed piece of fabric that runs in a straight line.  It may not sound like much but it was my first attempt with my machine and my mom walked me through it.  And I have to say, it came out pretty perfect!

So, now that I knew how to use my machine the question was, what was I going to make?  I started looking at patterns for ideas and that is where I hit a wall.  Selvage, Grain line, zipper foot, interfacing, darts, nothces, whoa!  I just wanted to cut some cute fabric, sew it together and make something, I didn't want to learn a foreign language! So, I put the process on hold.

Then came my 30 Things by Thirty list!  I decided this was the perfect time to bite the bullet and put my patience to the test (by the way, patience is also on my list of things to accomplish!).

A few weeks ago my Mom came to town for the weekend, I figured it was the perfect time to try a pattern! I lured her here with tickets to the ballet and then when she arrived I casually mentioned the pattern and asked if she would help (I would like to think I was that good but really the visit just happened to coincide with a sale on patterns at Jo Ann's Fabrics!) She graciously agreed and so the journey began.

Thanks to a husband who has a degree in Textile Apparel Design and Management, and the fact that I work for a company that makes software for the textile industry, I know a little about fabric, so I wasn't completely clueless.

Mom gave me lots of pointers, explained the pattern process and soon I had my pieces cut out!

I slowly worked on sewing the pieces together, ironing them, sewing the next step etc. Then I hit a wall, also known as a zipper. Oh wow, that one threw me. First I had to go buy a zipper.  See there is this little section on the back of the pattern envelope that tells you what notions you will need.  Well it would help to read this when you buy the pattern or the fabric.  However, first it would help to know that it is there and then to know what a notion is!  I learn something every day!

Then it was the challenge of seeing how many attempts I would have to make at this zipper before I was pleased with it.  Alan and I took bets, let's just say we both lost.  I got it on the first try.  Alan and his design eye even approved!  I was thrilled!

Then I kept working on all the finishing touches and before I knew it...I had a skirt!
Here you go, the first glimpse of my first piece sewn by pattern!  Not only did it come out looking pretty good, it fits perfectly, which for me is a priceless feature! Even better, it's wolfpack red, so I have a new piece to add to my red and black wardrobe! It's not perfect by any means but you have to look pretty close (or inside) to find the flaws.  In the pictures it looks a little bumpy on the left hip and a little longer in the front than the back but that is what happens when you don't have an assistant to take pictures for you or a full length mirror where you can make sure you have the skirt on straight! Oh well.

So I did it, completed #7 - Sew one item (from a pattern) on my sewing machine.
Now I'm ready to tackle all kinds of things.  The problem is I come up with great ideas, it's finding the time to actually make them that's the hard part!
Stay tuned!

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