What's it going to cost??

I recently learned about a site that I had to pass along.  Alan and I love a good home renovation project and we know that many of our friends and family do as well, however the cost of those projects can sometimes be daunting and almost always turn out to be higher than you expect.  So, when I saw this tool I knew I had to share it! Fixr.com has created a handy little Remodeling Cost Guide to give you an average cost breakdown on common household projects. They have quite a comprehensive list for everything from plumbing to roof replacement to laying new floors.

Since Alan and I have our place on the market we don't plan on any home projects until we move.  However I will be bookmarking this site and waiting for the day we have a new house to try it out on.  If you try it before I do let me know what you think!

*Thanks to Young House Love for the original post on this site!

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