Celebrating 5 years!

Yes, Friday marked 5 years since we were married. Every year we have celebrated our anniversary by heading off somewhere just the two of us, whether it be for a day or a weekend we take the time to celebrate. This year we thought something a little larger was in order and headed off to the Keys for some fun. We split our time between Key Largo and Key West, which meant the trip was a great mixture of fun, sun and relaxation. We visited the Everglades, slept in the sun, visited our favorite "secret" beach along the Keys, watched the sun set every night, visited our old house in Key West, ate at our favorite restaurants hung out at our favorite bars, stayed at the hotel we used to work at, lived in our bathing suits and simply had a whole lot of fun. It was great to visit our old favorites where we have so much history and great to discover new favorites and make new memories!

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