Running Checklist...

After running the ING Georgia Half Marathon 2009. We have learned a few lessons for future endurance runs. So, I thought I would put together a checklist. Maybe if you can think of some things you have learned from endurance runs you can add a comment.

1. Never rely on the race organizers to have Gu (energy gel). During our planning for the run we had looked at the water stations and noticed that there were Gu stations as well so we did not take enough with us to make it through the race and this really hurt us towards the end of the race.

2. Safety pins, safety pins, safety pins. We did not pick up safety pins at the packet pickup the day before and we were rushing to find some before the race. We finally found some in the medical tent. (Many other runners were also looking for safety pins so it wouldn't hurt to have extra.)

3. Take extra clothes to put on after the race. Warm up suit, sweatshirt, etc.

4. Plan to get there early and then get there earlier than that. As we were approaching the start line it was difficult to get to our assigned corral which made it a bit hectic.

5. If you have people with you make sure to make a plan where to meet after the race.

6. Make sure to have a cooler with food and drinks for after the race.

7. If you have people watching you race, make sure you wear something distinguishable. Black clothing tends to be popular among runners!

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Jo said...

Alan,I agree with your suggestions..and from a spectator's perspective be prepared to be colder than you anticipate. Bring a sign or banner cheering your runners and plan a celebration afterwards! Oh yeah, and coffee while you wait. Need to learn to link those chips the runners wear to blackberry so you can track your runners progress.