Bicycle Rack

So what is the significance of this bicycle rack? Valerie and I frequently ride our bikes around the area we live and we fit our errands into our ride. One of our most regular stops is Home Depot. Most of the stores in our area provide bike racks but the Home Depot does not so we would always have to chain our bikes up to a tree in front of the store. One day this summer I got fed up with having to deal with the tree and bushes that surround the tree so I wrote to the Home Depot and asked them for a bike rack. I had seen no movement on my request for several months and wondered if it went unnoticed. But yesterday we were at the Home Depot and low and behold what do I see...A bike rack! So basically this bike rack is a small victory for me...whether or not I was the sole cause does not really matter we finally have a bike rack.

Power to the People!


Andy said...

Awwright! Good on ya for exercising your power as a consumer. Now, good luck getting that ladder on the back of your fixxie. :D

Andy said...

PS I like the new "Autumn" theme.. but it's cold enough for a winter theme, doncha think ? ;)

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