A walk through the past

We just arrived home from what was was a great weekend taking a walk down memory lane.
Alan's 10 year high school reunion (I know, 10 years, he's so old!) was this weekend so we headed to Huntersville for the festivities. As a bonus we got to stay with Ashley and Clay while we were in town. We had a great time reuniting with Alan's class and saw people we hadn't even reconnected with online. Alan was recognized as one of the people who came the farthest for the event and thanks to one of the classmates who sponsored the event we got our 4th "prom picture" taken. They had the yearbook from his senior year, the class t-shirt and the last will and testaments from his class. We found Alan's last will and testament where everything was abbreviated to the point we had no idea what any of it meant, except the part where he left "all his love to Val", very sweet! The rest of the weekend we spent with the Browns, watching football, drinking beer and having great food. We even pulled out our old yearbook, laughing at pictures, telling old stories and studying up on names for our reunion next year. I think we may have even started planning our entrance to our reunion!!
On our way out of Huntersville we made one detour, Cedarfield. For those who don't know, Cedarfield is the neighborhood where I grew up from 6th grade until I left for college. It had been 8 or 9 years since I had been by the house and it was amazing to see the change in the area and the house. I picked out all the houses where my friends lived and finally got to my old house. It hasn't been kept up so well but it was great to go back to the place where Easter and Prom pictures were taken, where I got my first car, where Leslea used to take her rabbit on a walk (yep, you read that correctly) and where so many other memories came pouring back.
They say you can't ever go back but it sure was fun to visit and remember so many great times.

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