We're alive!

on the beach in Nice

We had thought we would blog while on our trip and post pics, etc, however that has not been the case.
We have so enjoyed being "disconnected" that it has been impossible to sit down at the computer for more than a check for emergency emails.
We are in Normandy now, visiting the Dday beaches and Mont St. Michel and staying in a French village off the coast. So far we have been very lucky in the weather department and things are going smoothly. We are having a great time and hope everyone is doing well.

Alan and Val

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Stephanie said...

OMG! It feels like you have been gone forever! I have apparently become semi-dependent on being able to get in touch with you whenever I want, because I am going through withdrawl. Hope you are having a great time and come back well-rested and rejuvinated! XOXO