Can you hear me now?.....Good!

As we were walking back from Summerfest Saturday we came down 10th street and walked along Piedmont Park. It is one of our favorite places in Midtown and we will take any excuse to over there. While we were walking along the sideway we had a golfcart come up behind us. I moved over to let them pass and as they did and I was responding to their thank you's for letting them by I realized that the passenger was someone I recognized. Alan had walked ahead of me, so when he moved over to let them by I was able to watch his face go from "get your golfcart off the sidewalk, jerk" to "hey I recognize him". It was quite hilarious as he turned to me and we both went, "did you see who that was?" The passenger was the Verizon guy, you know the one you see in the commercials with the network following him? The one that wears the little black glasses and the Verizon jacket? The one who made the phrase "can you hear me now" infamous? Yep, that one.
After laughing about how odd it was to see him riding down the sidewalk in full "costume" and walking farther up the sidewalk, we realized that his "network" group were all in position in the middle of Piedmont Park ready to film a Verizon commerical. So while they took directions and he took his place, Alan ran towards them and got a shot on his cell phone. It was very surprising to see the group and catch them in the act but it sure did give us something to laugh about all the way home!
I guess we will be more attentive now when we hear the famous phrase, we want to see our park take the stage!

Here's what it looked like from the sidewalk:

(click on the picture for a larger view)

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