A Simply Perfect Weekend!

After being out of town or committed to something the past few weekends, we finally got a weekend at home.
Recently we decided that in an effort to use less gas we wouldn't drive on the weekends unless we were headed out of Midtown and even then we would be selective. So Saturday was our first day to work on this new effort and we did pretty well. We biked to breakfast and then to IKEA to pick up a few small things, then back home. After a rest we packed up some things and headed to the park. We spent hours laying on a blanket just reading, talking, napping, snacking and playing a little frisbee. After that we biked to the grocery store and then home. Throughout the day we biked 8.5 miles! That called for a little rest and a shower and before we headed out to hear The Fabulous Yonkadoos play up in Roswell. Unfortunately we had to take the car but it was soooo worth it. They are an awesome group and we hope they will be playing at our neighborhood fourth of July party!
After a late night Saturday we had hoped Sunday would be cloudy and cool, making us stay in and rest (ooh and get a few things done around the house!) but we couldn't have been farther off.
With an absolutely beautiful day we had brunch at a sidewalk cafe Kasan Red an absolutely priceless find and then home to be productive. We got a few small projects finished and a little cleaning done. More than anything we hung out the window enjoying the amazing breeze and cloudless sky.
Why can't every weekend be this perfect??

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Andy said...

I'm hurt that you haven't asked for Hard Livin' to play your neighborhood 4th of July party... But that's ok, we're probably booked anyway.

You need to come on a bike ride with us. We routinely do 8 miles in one clip - time to stretch out to 10-12, doncha think?? :)