Happy Memorial Day!

After a great weekend of riding bikes, hanging out at the park, breakfasts at sidewalk cafes, running errands and spending time with the Little's we were looking forward to another day of fun on Memorial Day.
I had to work due to the pending due date of our annual report I am writing, so I went in early and managed to get out at 2:00 pm. Alan spent the morning running errands on his bike and figuring out good routes for riding through town. He also prepared everything for our grilling afternoon. Once I made it home we packed up the cooler and headed out to the pool.
For those of you who haven't been to our new place yet, here is what our pool looks like.

After a couple hours of laying in the sun, reading and drinking cold beer we were ready to eat. Alan grilled Cajun chicken and a potato, onion, pepper mix to go with a great salad he prepared ahead of time. Everything was delicious and filled us up after an afternoon of hard relaxation.
We hope your Memorial Day was as pleasant as ours.
Take a moment to remember and give thanks for those who sacrificed so we can enjoy such wonderful days!

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