Happy New Year!
So it's been a whole year without a single post. 
What can I say, I took a little break?
2013 was a busy year for us, full of big changes.

We started the year by adding a new family member.
He's our Kona and he's now this loving, snuggling beast!


We had a great summer filled with trips to the beach, time with family and friends, and lots and lots of house hunting!

Alan even managed to find himself a new toy to keep him busy!

After a summer of house sitting and apartment renting we finally found our new home.
We are moved in, but still in the process of getting settled in.  So far we love it though and look forward to many years here.

And, it turns out that we found the house just in time, since these two guys will be joining us in the spring.

That's right, twins.  And, yes, twin boys!
We are guessing we will get to meet them  in late April or early May.

So, there you have it.  One whole year in one post. 
I promise I'll try to do better in 2014!

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