Things, they are a'chagin

Recently things have changed a bit in the Reed house.  I left my job at Lectra after being offered a position with a company in the recruiting and staffing industry.  
Now I know, every new job comes with changes, but this one might be a little more change than most, and most of them I am uber excited about!

This job means new opportunities to stretch my skills and develop new ones.  More creativity and less corporate guidelines, something I have been longing for.

It means a new set of coworkers and a new boss.  All of which I have to say I have already fallen in love with!

It also means that Alan and I no longer work together, no longer sitting two offices apart.  Which, if he was ever actually in the office, would be a negative. But since he's not, it's ok. means that I now get to work from home, only going in to the office for meetings and presentations.  I LOVE working from home and it makes our lives much easier for my schedule to be flexible when Alan is traveling all the time.

However, sometimes it's hard to work when your office mate demands an arrangement like this:

Needless to say all three of us are thrilled with the recent changes and are settling in to our new routine.

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