Holiday Wrap-up

As with every year, our Christmas was jam packed.  

The festivities start off Christmas Eve with the Reed clan attending Mass.

Then it's off to MaMa and Papa's (Terry's parents) house for Christmas with everyone who can attend from that side of the family.  Next it's back to Alan's parents house for family Christmas, which is kicked off with the traditional tequila shot!  During the hours of opening presents, modeling them and getting good laughs out of creativity, we always have a good time.

This year we spent the night with the Reed's and first thing Christmas morning we headed over to see my Mom. 

After some coffee we got down to exchanging gifts. Then it was time for some serious cooking!  This year Mom made a completely Gluten free lunch and it was delicious!  I attempted to make Creme Brulee, since it is the only Gluten free dessert that I know I like.  However it was not nearly the success that Moms meal was!  Oh well.  By that point we were all stuffed anyway and didn't want anything but a nap!

That afternoon we headed over to Grandma Fisher (my dad's mother) and also my Aunt Donna, who was visiting from Houston.  We spent the afternoon chatting, viewing the neighborhood Gingerbread houses and letting Grandma open her presents.  Let me tell you between the puzzles, the sudoku books and the crossword puzzle books that woman is going to be busy for months!

By then it was time to head back to Alan's parents.  We used to get both of our familys together on Christmas night and see a movie but things have changed and so this year we decided to do something a little different, we went bowling.  It sounded like a good idea and we figured we would just see how it went.  2 games later and about an hour playing arcade games and it had been a great night. 

Next we made a quick stop to see Susan and Travis's new house and then it was back to Alan's parents house to get some sleep. 

The next morning we visited The Baileys, friends of our who had a baby on Thanksgiving Day and then we hit the road back to ATL.

It was a whirlwind Christmas but it feels normal to us!

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