The Wild, Wild West!

A little over a month ago Alan and I spent 2 weeks exploring Utah and Colorado.  We flew into Grand Junction, rented a car and took off.

Here is an overview of the route we covered:

We spent the days hiking (more like mountain climbing!), mountain biking on slick rock, learning how to fly fish, Canyoneering, learning how to paddle board, spending as much time outside as possible, visiting every brewery we could find and in general having an absolutely wonderful time.

It was so amazing to see the scenery that appeared around every turn and to experience the amazing geological history our country has to offer. This is the first time Alan and I have spent our vacation in the U.S. and even though we always think of our country as being "new" compared to other parts of the world, it was great to see something so amazing, in our own country.

While we missed traveling internationally for many reasons, we enjoyed this trip so much that we have already decided on another U.S. route we want to cover some day. However, it won't be next year, we're already itching to go abroad asap!

Click on the photo below to see our photos from the trip.  There are some great photos, however I will warn you - it's a lot of pictures of a lot of rocks!

Utah/Colorado 2011

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