Stumpy Creek

As we told Jen, yep, Stumpy Creek is really a place.

A few weeks ago we were in Moorseville, NC for our first Olympic Triathlon of the year, the Stumpy Creek International Distance Triathlon.  Jen came with us (not without a little arm twisting) and we were joined by 14 family members, it was quite the party!

We lucked out with unusually cold weather for late July, with the high being 81 and the sun never coming out.

It was a great race, lots of fun and we all did well.

It was also a day of many firsts!  The first Olympic any of us have done this year, the first time either of my parents have gotten to see a Tri, the first time Alan's grandfather has gotten to join us at a race and the first Triathlon ever for Jen's nephew Arne, who at 4 months old was right there cheering with everyone!

A few photos from the day:

So lucky to have my own race stylist!!

Alan getting ready to head out

Big stretch

Jen and I are ready

Quick transition

a little traffic leaving transition

Jen and I head out on the run

  There comes Alan to the finish line 

Starting lap #2 of the run.  Ready for a high five from Alan.

So happy to see my Mom at the finish line!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us at that crazy hour of the morning!  You guys make racing even more amazing!

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