Honeymoon #8

A few weeks ago Alan and celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and took our annual honeymoon.  When we got married we made a deal that every year we would try to "get away" for our anniversary, whether for a day a weekend or longer.  This year we decided something a little longer was in order, made it in to a mini vacay and headed to Panama.  That's Panama the country, not the city in Florida.

We spent a few days in Panama City, visiting the rainforest, kayaking in the canal, visiting the fish market, the locks, old town and lots of great restaurants.  Then we hopped on a tiny plane and headed out to the Pearl Islands.  A 15 minute flight (which I thought was going to be the death of me) and we were on Contadora Island.  A 3 km long island that is home to only 30 people, with 1 market, 4 restaurants 8 beaches and 1 doctor who flies back and forth from the mainland.  In other words, the best place to really "get away".  And it was just that.  We went from beach to beach enjoying the perfect blue water and the quietness of it all. We made stops at the market for beer and took our time wondering around and exploring this empty island.  We went on a boat trip to see more of the islands that make up this group and spent some time snorkeling. Between the sun, the views, the fresh air, the noise of the ocean and great times with fellow vacationers and our innkeeper, I slept better than I have ever sleep anywhere in my life.

I was a great trip and we came back relaxed, sun burned and with way too many pictures (click here to see some of them). And to top it all off we kept our streak alive, 7 years and we still got asked if we were on our honeymoon.  However, this year Alan's answer to the question was the best, "Yep, our 8th one", you should have seen the guy's face, talk about confused.  I on the other hand, thought it was the perfect response!

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