Freezer Soup

We had plenty of warning that this winter storm was headed our way and that it's stay would be less than brief, so we stocked up at the grocery store on Sunday.  Typically everyone goes for the bread and milk but considering I can't eat either of those, we were forced to push that norm and find other things to fill our cart with.  I had planned a couple of meals with leftovers and we had plenty of snacks and beer to get us through. 

Funny thing about being stuck inside for 2 days, you realize how much you eat!  Our leftovers were gone quickly and I was scratching my head trying to decide what to make with our ingredients.  And, like all great things, a new great recipe was created, out of necessity! 

I call it freezer soup.  Basically I took chicken, rice and potatoes, added spices and then threw in all the frozen vegetables we stocked up on.  I added chicken broth and some Srirachi and let it simmer.  In the end we were left with a huge pot of spicy, warm yumminess! 

Here's to hoping everything melts soon so I don't get over confident in my recipe creation.  I'm thinking pantry jello might not be as yummy!


Pat said...

Hi Val,

I do something similar. Except mine is with leftovers. I keep two 1 quart containers in my freezer one for things Italian and one for things Mexican. When the container is full, I thaw it in a large container of chicken or vegetable broth. It makes really good soup and less food waste.

Valerie said...

That's a great idea, thanks!!