A different kind of skirt!

After the success of my pattern challenge, I was ready to conquer another sewing project.  I figured with Christmas around the corner and a few days off work for Thanksgiving, I could attempt something a little more challenging, so I decided to make a tree skirt.  That's right, we don't have one.  This will be our 7th Christmas living together, we own 3 Christmas trees and not a single one of them has ever had a skirt!  See we've never found one that we like, that we felt went with our "style".  They are all too frilly or traditional or some other genre that doesn't fit our taste, so eventually we just gave up the hunt and filled the area under our tree with gifts as soon as it goes up, that way you never see there isn't a skirt!  We'll I figured sewing gave me the ability to make something we liked, and so the challenge began.

I found a pattern, read through the entire thing, bought my fabric, interfacing and notions like a pro this time.  I set off to cut out all my pieces and took my time figuring out the difficulties that come along with making something that is technically a huge circle.  Well, let's just say it wasn't as easy as I anticipated and I learned alot in the process.  However, Sunday afternoon, right before it was time to wrap up the Thanksgiving vacation and think about heading back to work, I finished the tree skirt!  Luckily our tree had gone up the day before, so the skirt went from the sewing table to the bottom of the tree, perfect timing!

It isn't exactly what I wanted but it's pretty close.  I love the fabric and the simplicity of the piece together.  Hopefully it is something that will grace our tree for years to come.  And now we can take a lilttle more time in filling our tree with gifts.

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jdh6556 said...

You are up for Mac&cheese on your next trip to the creek House.