New York, New York!

I try to only post on things that involve Alan and myself, after all the blog is called AlanandVal!  However this past week I was in New York for work while Alan was in Detroit and I have to tell you how much I LOVE NYC!  The first night I was in NYC I spent hours walking 5th Ave., just shopping and taking in all the beautiful window displays that grace this shopping meca.  I took our camera with me, I mean you never know what you'll see when wondering in NYC and this stroll did not disappoint.  With the fashion season changing from Summer to Fall the windows had changed since my last visit to NYC in July.  Prada, Gucci and Cole Haan had windows that made me stop and stare but Bergdorg Goodman took the cake.  Their windows seemed to tell a story where the mannequins seemed like live models and you studied the subject before your eyes fell to the fashion.  It was the set of windows I spent the longest at and I wasn't the only one.

I love NYC for lots of reasons, the food, the shopping, even morning runs are better when they grace Central Park.  It's really the only place I've been that I look forward to go back to, time and time again!  Hurry up November!!

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