A while back I fell in love with a rug at CB2 (let's face it I fall in love with many things there!) but since we are "moving" I didn't buy it.  The rug has since made it's departure from the CB2 website but this is pretty much what it looked like, in rug form.

Since then I have seen the message of that rug on everything from coffee mugs to tshirts, even spin offs with cute "keep calm" sayings, so I decided I needed to figure out where this all came from. Turns out it has quite a history.
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The original poster:

What great history for such a simple piece of art that seems to transcend the ages.
You really can get it on everything from beach chairs to cuff links! Not a bad mantra to have around!


Suzie @ cupcake monkey said...

I have always loved this saying and think it's story is wonderful!! funny, I posted some of the spin-offs in my post yesterday!! :)

Jo said...

My mantra for life!